Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I bring my pet in?

We typically request that you drop your pet off anytime between 7:30AM-10:30AM on weekdays, 9:00AM-11:00AM Saturdays.
A later drop-off time can often be arranged upon request. 

How long will my pet’s appointment take?

No two pets are alike. The grooming needs of each pet varies along with each pet’s unique personality. As such, we are hesitant to suggest a length of time necessary for a given appointment. However, with an advanced request, we will gladly work to accommodate a specific pickup time. Otherwise, we find it most efficient to contact each pet’s owner near the time when the pet is ready for pickup. 

What if my pet’s ready for pickup, but I’m not?

No worries! Many of our clients drop their pets off in the morning before work and pick them up in the evening on their way home. Your pet is welcome to spend the day with us. Monday through Friday we are open until 6:00PM, and Saturdays we are open until 5:00PM. There is no extra charge to have your pet spend the day with us. 

Do you walk the dogs during their visits at Paws?

Yes. We have a regular schedule for taking dogs out for walks during their visits with us. Our routine typically includes 2 walks per dog. Additional walks are on an as needed basis. 

Do you keep the cats separated from the dogs?

Yes. We have a separate room for kenneling cats. 

Will you provide water for my pet to drink?

Yes. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will provide your pet with drinking water throughout his or her visit with us. 

Will my pet be offered treats at Paws?

Yes! Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will offer your pet treats throughout his or her visit with us. 

Can I bring treats or food for you to give my pet during his or her visit?

Absolutely. You are welcome to bring in any specific treats or food you’d like us to give to your pet while he or she is in our care.  

What if my pet has a specific feeding or medication schedule that overlaps with his or her appointment?

You are welcome to bring any food or medication your pet may require during his or her visit with us. We will gladly attend to your instruction regarding your pet’s needs. 

My pet sheds a lot.  What do you recommend I do about it?

Regular grooming is generally our first recommendation. Our bathing and grooming processes combat excess shedding, and a regular routine of brushing your pet between grooming visits helps too. In some cases we might suggest a shorter haircut for your pet. In our experience, giving a pet a shorter haircut guarantees a significant decrease in shedding. This advice applies to almost any cat or dog - even those who naturally have a short coat. For example, many Labrador and Rottweiler owners have successfully overcome the shedding issue by opting for a shorter cut.

What product will you use to bathe my pet?

We keep a variety of specialty products in stock to accommodate various needs. Most of our clients leave it to us to select the products which we think best fit their pets’ needs; though, you are welcome to make the selection yourself or even bring in a product(s) you’d like us to use.

What can you do about my pet’s breath?

Upon request, we can freshen your pet’s breath with a good toothbrushing. This service is available for an additional $5.

What if others have described my pet as difficult to work with?

Whether the difficulty is behavioral or esthetic, we have often found success where others did not. We are willing to work with any animal - even those who have had trouble with other groomers. In any case, no matter how severe or minor it may seem, it is best to let us know ahead of time what difficulty we might encounter with your pet. We are more likely to succeed with your pet if we know what to expect.

We invite you to contact us with any further questions, concerns or comments you may have for us.

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